My first drunken (or semi-drunken) post

It’s the day (or should I say night, hence it’s around 2 am) before my examination on Morphological studies of English Language and Literature and I’m at least a litre and a half away through those cheap two-litre paint-your-lips-bloody-red red wine bottles.

You know them. Those bottles where the wine tastes like water with just them colors, yet you get drunk on the third glass.

Guess what?

I’m not having fun at all. And I don’t mean that in  an alchoholic kind of way. Nor in a sexual way. Even though most of you, my dearest readers, most probably think I do.

Funny thing is – I have an examination tommorow. A very, very imporatant one. Trust me, Morphological studies of the English Language and Literature  is not easy to be learnt, Espeacially when your guy ( the so- thought- love- of- your-life) decides the relationship you both have between one-another has expired.

The fact that an other pleasurable individual has the audacity to make my heart beat faster than coffeé in the middle of the night and the fact that males just do not understant the fact that wine and chocolate can make us women feel better, than give them quite extraordinary sexual pleasures and so on., is just proposterious.

Whichever – my first blog entry is done ( due to a two-litre bottle of cheap, red wine and a pocket of nice, salty popcorns)

Alchohol+pre-test activities + too-much-nicotine derivatives is quite equal to this silly little ol’ post. My first post. Tottal embarassment.

Have fun guys, beacuse tomorrow is dumesday for me.



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