Hitting the NaNo Challenge

Well, it’s the second day of November and, guess what?
I had decided it’s about time for me to test my excrutiatingly horrible, but awe-fully stubborn writing skills. And to make that even more interesting – NaNoWrimo’s challenge of the 50000 word count seemed a pretty good idea.

So,after registering myself I entered my Region’s forum space. You know, that one place where you all can escape the mind-wrecking and just join in a convo, maybe hear a good inspiration from a fellow writer, and so on. What I saw there made me smile.

After my first day of writing, my head was throbbing with uncompassionate desire for a good rest. And I don’t mean I was feeling sleepy. Trust me. I had at least six full cups of non-sweetened, sugarlessly biting hot coffee. No way was I going to go to sleep before hitting my own personal day count (which, just for the record is ’round 700 words).
So, I sought refuge at my Region’s forums.

Probably most of you have heard about the country I was born and live in. Bulgaria. The country of the roses and the devil’s water, called rakia. A country where all foreigners are welcome. Even the unwanted or criminally achieved.
Enough with the good advertisement. And, no, you big muffled scamp, you may not come here. At least not unless you’re proven to be innocent and good. Trust me, if you’re not, you’d see yourself in quite the competitive situation.

Back to the topic. The forum is visited by Bulgarians. And trust me when I say that not a lot of us here know about NaNo’s Month. Still, I was surprised by the amount of them. It made me feel quite awesome to be who I am, since they all were there for me.
And the best of all – they wrote mainly in bulgarian.

Maybe you do not understand (who knows, maybe you do), but there is nothing better for a foreigner, who studies languages and thinks non-stop in other languages, and just does almost everything in a different language (mainly italian or english) than his or hers mother one, to just give those brain cells a rest. It’s quite awesome to spend a few minutes of motherly speech appreciation in the pages of those Region’s forums after storming your brain for a good amount of nicely- structured amount of foreign sentances.
It is like honey to the sore throat.

Looking at this post, it seems that it got a lot longer than I expected. But I can not deny it’s one hell of a good rant.
Not to mention I should be studying right now..

Always positive and quite confident about her winning the Challenge,


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