Personal Fail,Yes, But Not Quite

Hello boys and girls!

It has definitly been a long time since my last post. Did you all think I died?

November ended, and so did NaNoWrimo. I must say I did my best to reach the 50k goal, but I had only gone through to the 48 909 word and life caught up to me. Lectures and tests came in rushing through the big-ass wooden door and my novel had to go in the corner. You know, to get some dust on it’s covers for authenticity.

Sadly, my first try in this fun, once-a-year event was my big Personal Fail for 2014. I had really wanted to reach the word count and hoped I’d make it through my studies, but.. Oh, well.
Enough excuses. I failed and that’s it.
I can just re-make it in a Personal Lesson and make sure next year I do better, right?..

With November’s end came the cold Christmassy lil’ old December. (After November comes December? I don’t say! My Logic just beats every record,doesn’t it?) And so, Christmas lights and trees are all over the place. Shops are filled with buyers and the Industries are earning those green lil’ papers big time. Those Christmassy songs are all over the place and everyone smiles and laughes.
I hate it.

Hahah, did you guys believe me? Seriously?..
You shouldn’t believe everything you read, you know. I mean.. Who can hate Christmas?!
And snow, and presents and hot cocoa, warm fire and big, funny sweaters with raindeers and weirdly looking Santas, which do nothing but throw in the trash that small amount of allure one, such as myself, has.

Anywho, just have fun this month! It’s a good opportunity to show that even the saddest and rudest litle old fart has a good and charming side. (If you, Tod, are reading this, then, yes – I mean you! And don’t go all swirley-eyed on me.)

Be good. Have fun. Smile a lot and laugh a lot more. Wear those stinky old sweaters, which we all hate and eat as much and whatever your heart desires! Kiss a stranger under the mistletoe and just let loose. It’s the one month in which romance always succeeds. (No, I don’t mean February.)
Just be you and have fun. You’ve all earned it throughout the year.

With the warmest and most Christmassy wishes,


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