Fish, Lemon and Tomatoes

Hello, my dearest reader!

It’s almost midnight and I decided I just have to take advantage of this frozen raw fish I have in my freezer. While waiting for it to warm up a bit, I decided on writing about it. (Because that’s an interesting thing to write about!..Sarcasm, Sarcasm..)

I’ve never cooked fish before. I am not even sure if it’s called cooking.. (When you use the oven, even if it comes to fishies, it is called cooking, right?)

So.. I’m doing an experiment. I will put the raw fish in foil, along with some tomatoes and onions and lemon.. And after that I’ll just stuff it in the oven, hoping it becomes at least eatable. In the mean-time I’ll boil some potatoes, you’know.. Just in case. (And for salad, if my hopes are acquitted)

Hopefully, my cat won’t smell the fish before I finish cooking it. And yes, my expectations about that are unbelievably huge. Probably my cat has already smelled the sweet aromá of uncooked deliciously smelly fish. And most probably that is why she’s in my lap while I’m writing this post, being all lovey-dovey..
But, you do know, hope is what dies last.

Well, keep your fingers crossed and in case I stop blogging – chances are I’ve died of food poisoning. (Yes, my cooking skills are so good I almost won a first place on how-to-kill-your-boyfriend/husband-with-cooking.)

Love you all,


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