Revelations and resolutions.

Happy New Year, y’all beautiful creatures of the wonderful WordPress world!
I am quite sorry for not posting this long (I’m sure you shiney little nickles know best how busy a December can get with all them holidays, family gatherings, shoppings and so on..)
The world is a strange place is what thought ran through my head last night at midnight. And, no, I wasn’t that drunk.. I mean,come on.. You can’t get all that drunk from just a couple of two beer bottles, couple uncertain-numberred glasses of whiskey and three or four white-wine glasses of pure bliss, right?
Anyway, back to the question..
People complain of lack of money throughout the whole year. They talk a lot of crap behind their friends’ backs and demolish their own lives along with other people’s. Myself included.
We earn, we spend. We eat a whole lot of crap and we drink a whole lot of more crap. We hurry and hurry…
And we just forget that time is running quickly away, with a bare amount of happiness deposited n our accounts.
Of course, there are exceptions… But in the largest number of cases – we fuck up our own lives with the intention of becoming happy, but rarely actually achieving it.
So, it’s New Year’s Eve, just a few seconds left to the big bang announcing the beggining of 2015. Everyone is kissing everyone, champagne bottles are popping all over the place, and my own, personal Big ( @sexandthecity anyone?) is right there, next to me, looking at me with a gaze I have seen only in movies.(Yes, I’m shit full of those romantic little feels)
And I’m standing there, glass in hand and a huge foolish smile plastered on my face. And I made my 2015 resolutions – to keep him by myside if possible, because he makes my world way too worth it, and to just try to fill in that blankness in my deposit of happiness. Slowly, with a minimal amount of hurry-ness.
Of course, booze and coffeé will stay as present in my life as ever.
What about you guys? Did y’all make your 2015 resolutions?

Lots of love and wishing you a blasting 2015,
Soul Squibbler


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